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Anime girlsav无码精品一区二区三区不卡

Editing RealityBook Two: Sultry Fantasies UnleashedChapter Seven: The Naughty ClassroomBy mypenname3000Copyright 2019James DaviesMyles Waller strolled up to me, tie loose, a big grin on his friendly face. “Hey, James, my man.”“Hey,” I said, the other students of Rainier Christian College streaming around us, heading to the cafeteria or other parts of campus during the lunch break. “What's up.”“Wonder Woman,” Myles said, pausing before me, his voice low.I sighed. Another guy wanting me to draw his dream girl.“I would love to tie her up with the lasso of truth and just go to town on her,” Myles said, his grin going larger. “What do you say?” He pulled out a thick envelope. Waved it.I wanted to say now. I was getting annoyed creating dream women. I spent all weekend drawing girls, but... Wonder Woman... Damn, that would be hot. My dick throbbed and twitched as I took the envelope from him.“Sure,” I told him. “After classes, she'll be ready.”“Awesome.” Myles grabbed both my shoulders, shaking me. “My man, you are amazing. I don't know how you and Seth are doing it. Just love it.”I nodded my head. “Sure.” Why did I feel so awkward about this? I had these god-like powers, and I still felt like a dumb, young man. “You got it.”Myles gave a final grin than sauntered off.Orihime burst into giggles. “My man?” she said, her voice low. “Who talks like that?”“I thought you didn't want to draw any more dream girls,” Ruri said, my other girlfriend taking my hand.“It's Wonder Woman,” I said, shrugging. At first, the idea of Dreamgirl Delight was amazing, but I was doing all this work. When I could make anything, nothing material really held value. I could be doing something better with my power. I could be... What? Beyond making hot girls, what else could I really do? There had to be something. I could create anything by drawing it.Orihime took my other arm. I loved the softness of her large breast pressing against me through her blouse. “If you want to draw another hot girl, I say go for it. Make yourself happy.”“He's not happy drawing them,” Ruri said. “You should get back to drawing your comic. Our adventures are not complete.”“Yeah,” I said. That was my dream to draw manga-style comics. I had a webcomic that wasn't successful, but I didn't mind. I was having fun drawing Ruri and Orihime adventure. “But I have you in real life. I don't have to imagine you any longer.”Orihime pressed herself closer to me. “You're so sweet.”Ruri squeezed my hand.We kept walking. I had another class to go to. Did I even need college? My parents would freak out if I dropped out, but... What more did I need to learn? Then again, what would I do if I wasn't here? I needed something important. Something amazing to do.Ahead, Seth rounded the corner. My friend held a stack of papers. He saw me and grinned. He headed towards me, his blue eyes bright. He ran his free hand through his light-brown hair. He reached me and thrust the papers out before him.“Look at this,” he said. “We got the orders surging in.”I groaned. “I'm getting kinda tired of just drawing. That's all I did.”“But we're making a lot of money,” Seth said. I shrugged. My phone beeped. I released Ruri's hand to pull it out of my pocket. I checked it and sighed. There was a text from Vin asking for a character called Mii to be drawn. I frowned at that and shoved my phone back into my pocket.“I know we're making money but...” I shook my head. “It just doesn't seem to matter. I could just make us money.”“Where's the fun in that?” Seth asked, frowning as he stared at me. “This is important. We have customers to satisfy.”“Yeah,” I said. “It's just... draining.”Seth's brow furrowed. “Okay. I get it and...” He grabbed his phone, frowning. “Hmm.”“What?” I asked. He put his phone back into his pocket. “Yurika was texting me about a customer. He wants to higher five girls for the entire day.”Orihime giggled. “I hope he has plenty of electrolytes.”I smiled. “Yeah. They'll drain him dry.”Seth nodded. “Well, here's the list of girls. I hope you'll do it.”I glanced down at the names and... Seeing them sent a surge of excitement through me. I recognized most of them. They would be fun to draw. My eyes scrolled down them, Anime girls, some video game girls, and... “Who's Ce'Nedra?”“Some chick from a book or something,” Seth said. “Google will be your friend. So, you think about it.”“Yeah,” I said, nodding, a smile growing. I stared down at the list. There were definitely some fun girls to draw on here. I felt reinvigorated.“Oh, I told your dad you joined the chess club,” Seth added. “In case he talks to you, we have our story straight.”Seth strolled off. I stared at the names. Katara, Winry, Kei Kishimoto... Damn, Kei had those huge tits. She would be great to draw. “Hey, Orihime, I'm going to be in the art class. Could you get me lunch? I have some drawing to do.”Orihime bit her lip. “You sure?”“Yeah,” I said, smiling. “Man, there are some hotties on here. This will be great.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Steve DaviesMy wife stepped into the classroom as my last students filed out. The moment she did, she pulled off the pink scrub tops she was wearing, her large breasts coming into view in a lacy, purple bra. Her auburn hair swept around her shoulders as she folded her top and set it on a desk.“Thought I'd join you for lunch,” she said, a big smile on her lips. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra.“Feel anything different about this class?” I asked as her large breasts came into view.“Different?” she asked, dropping her bra on her top. “No. Why?” She looked around, her breasts swaying. Then she bent down to take off her flats, her feet clad in a cute pair of ankle socks. “No, it looks the same.”“Really?” I asked, struggling not to grin as she pushed down her scrub bottoms, her lacy panties coming into view. Her breasts dangled before her as she stepped out of her pants. “Nothing.”“No,” she said. She flicked her eyes around again. “What did you do?” Her fingers hooked her panties' waistband and then peeled those off her hips, her auburn bush coming into sight. “Is the room... bigger?”“No, it's the same size.” She folded her panties and set them on her clothing before she bent her left leg so she could grab her sock and peel it off. She shifted, removing the other, her head sweeping around. She put her hands on her hips.“What, Steve?”“You haven't noticed what you did?” I asked her. “The moment you walked in.”“No,” she said. “I just stripped naked like I should when I enter here. What's so strange about that.”“Do you normally strip naked when you walk into any other room?”Her forehead furrowed. Then her eyes widened. “Oh, you pervy teacher. Are all your naughty, nubile students stripping off their clothes while you're teaching them? She sauntered to me, this wicked gleam flashing in her green eyes. “All those firm, young breasts staring at you.”I winked at her.Just as she reached me, the door flew open. My wife glanced over her shoulder, not trying to hide her body. It was our youngest daughter, Sam. The tomboy flew in, her short, fiery hair swaying about her face. Her hands peeled off her gray sweater vest. Beneath, her tie swayed over her white blouse.“I saw Mom coming here,” Sam said, her fingers undoing her blouse with haste, her eyes bright. “Are we fucking?”“I guess so,” my wife said, smiling. “So... just getting naked, Sam?”“D'oh, Mom,” Sam said. “You get naked in Dad's classroom. It's no biggie. Look at you. You're naked.”My wife giggled as Sam's small breasts came into view. They were firm and perky. She hadn't worn a bra today, her nipples pink and hard. Her skirt swayed about her thighs. She unzipped it, letting it drop down her feet.She wasn't wearing panties, either, naughty girl.Sam clapped her hands together, her small breasts quivering. “Okay, let's get—”Becky burst into the room and shouted, “Daddy, I want to give you that titty fuck right now!”I blinked at the force of my eldest daughter's words, her hands already unzipping her skirt. It dropped down her thighs as she stared at me with this strange, eager need. She quivered as she ripped off her sweater vest, her large tits jiggling.“Please, Daddy,” Becky moaned, her hands squeezing her breasts through her bra.“Sure,” I said, my cock swelling hard.“Good,” she said, relief sweeping over her face.I frowned at that as Sam shot over to me and grabbed my cock. “I'll get him hard for you.”“Kumquat!” I groaned as my youngest fell to her knees and engulfed my dick. She sucked hard, her head bobbing up and down my cock. Pleasure rippled from me. My balls tightened. I gripped her short hair as she sucked.Becky loosened her tie and took it off then attacked the buttons. My wife sat down on a desk. Her hands fondled her own big breasts, licking her lips as our eldest daughter stripped naked. Becky's soft-green bra, matching her panties, came into view. She slipped off her blouse and then unhooked her bra. Her tits were almost as big as my wife's.Sam sucked hard on my dick. Her mouth hollowed as she worked, my dick throbbing in her. Becky shoved down her panties next. She stepped out of it and dropped her panties on the ground. Then she hurried over to me, grabbing her tits.“Okay, kumquat,” I said. “Your sister wants to give me a titty fuck.”Sam sighed and popped her mouth off. “Right, right.” She stood up. “Go get him, tiger.” Sam smacked Becky's naked rump. “I primed him for you.”Becky blinked then nodded her head.“Mommy's got something you can suck on,” purred my wife, hefting her tits.Sam grinned and then darted to Linda. Sam had a lithe body. Her legs were toned, her form sleek. She buried her face between her mother's tits, Linda hugging our daughter to those lush boobs.Then Becky was before me. Her eyes were wild with passion. She had changed so much since I'd edited her. She was so bold now. Open. She was doing such naughty things, coming out of her shell. It was wonderful.She pushed me back until I hit my chair. I sat my naked ass down on it. I'd grown used to that feeling since I'd all day nude and enjoying the girls of my classes. It was incredible what I did here. This classroom would be mine. I had to make sure the school administration didn't try to transfer me to another room.My daughter knelt before me and wrapped her breasts around my cock. They were soft and sleek. She stared up at me with such an eager look on her face. She smiled as she squeezed her tits about my hard dick.“What?” I asked her.“Just... This feels nice,” she said. She rubbed her breasts up and down my cock, massaging me. “I just had to make sure.”“That my cock would still feel nice between your breasts?” I frowned. “What's wrong?”“I'm just being silly,” she said. “You know, that hormonal girl thing or something.”“Right,” I said. I remember those days. Everything felt so life and death sometimes. I groaned as she slid her breasts up and down my cock, massaging me. Her nipples caressed my stomach. My dick throbbed between her. “Well, whenever you need to give me a titty fuck...”“Your father will always be eager to do it,” my wife said.Sam giggled.Becky smiled up at me.I shuddered as she worked her tits up and down my cock. My hands clenched the armrest of my chair. It creaked as I shifted, the slick material of the fake leather sticking to my skin. Pleasure spilled down my shaft to my balls, my precum spilling over those lush breasts.She grinned at me as she worked her tits up and down. Her eyes were bright. It was great to see her relax. To know I was helping my daughter out by letting her do this to me. Her nipples caressed my stomach. She stroked me faster.“So, anything nice happen?” I asked her casually. “With a professor?”She grinned at me. “Well, Tonya and I are having a private meeting with Ms. Esmeralda. Some extra credit studying.”“Great,” I said, glad my editing already had taken effect. I was giving my daughter a little help in her eager desire to seduce her professors. “Have fun.”“Oh, we will,” Becky moaned, her delicious tits rubbing up and down my cock.Incestuous bliss shot through me. I groaned at the wicked delight. This heat swept through me, aching my balls. My toes curled. I gripped the hands as the pleasure surged through me. She squeezed into her tits, pressing them tight around my hard cock. My wife moaned. Sam had found something new to suck on: Linda's pussy. Our youngest was bent over, her cute tush pointed at me, her shaved pussy gleaming tight between her thighs. She wiggled back and forth, caressing her rump. It was just a delicious treat. Juices trickled down her thighs.Becky worked her breasts faster. Her hard nipples rubbed into my belly. I glanced back down at her. Her green eyes gleamed at me. Her auburn braid swayed down her back as her head moved. She gave me a big smile.Then she darted her head down and sucked on the tip of my cock as it emerged from between her breasts.I groaned, gripping the chair. This heat swelled through my balls, the pressure growing. They twitched and throbbed. The pressure built and built in me. I ground my teeth together. Sweat broke across my brow as she sucked on my dick every time the crown popped out of the valley of her breasts.Her tongue fluttered around my cock's crown, stroking me before her breasts engulfed me in that soft, silky heaven. It was two different treats, one following the other. My fingers dug into the chair. My heart pounded in my chest. This heat swelled through me. I groaned through my teeth. My eyes squeezed shut.“Fuck!” I growled. “Mmm, you like that, Daddy?” Becky purred.“Of course, angel.” My eyes squeezed shut as she sucked again. Her cheeks hollowed. The pressure surged through me. Her lips sealed around my dick's tip. She nursed with hunger between strokes. She massaged me. Precum spilled out of my cock for her to suck up. My fingers dug into the armrest. Her tits slid up my shaft, engulfing me in her soft flesh again. I growled as I erupted.My cum burst from my cock and up between her breasts. They were still squeezed about my dick. My jizz boiled up between her breasts, spilling over her tits. She slid them down, the next blast splashing across her face. My daughter cooed in delight. Her hips wiggled back and forth. She opened her mouth, catching the next eruption.I groaned, cum dripping from my daughter's lips as the pleasure slammed into my mind. My blood boiled. Stars danced across my vision. My teeth ground together. It was incredible. This amazing pleasure surged through me.“Shit,” I groaned as my orgasm peaked.“Mmm, you're welcome, Daddy,” Becky said, smiling up at me, my milky jizz dripping across her youthful features.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Becky DaviesI felt better as Sam licked Daddy's cum off my tits. Whatever that strange tingle I felt when Seth helped me pick up my spilled belongings was just a fluke. A normal attraction you felt for someone else. I was scared I wouldn't find Daddy attractive.It was so stupid. I loved Daddy. He was the only man for me. I shuddered as Sam's tongue flicked up to my nipple. She sucked on it, her mouth hot. My sister sent incestuous delight through my body. I groaned as the pleasure shot through me. My fingers clenched against the chair. My body trembled. I whimpered as she sucked.I smiled, stroking her short hair, feeling so naughty while Mom gasped in the background, enjoying Daddy's cock. My nipple throbbed, shooting delight down to my pussy. My cunt grew hotter and hotter as I watched Daddy's ass flex as he plowed her hard.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Steve DaviesBecky had a bounce to her step when she left the classroom with the rest of my family, dressed and happy. Whatever was troubling her, giving me a titty fuck had cleared it up. I shook my head, remembering how intense everything was when I was her age. Everything was life or death when, in fact, they were trivial matters compared to real issues.Becky waved at me, the last of my family to leave. I smiled, feeling great. I sank down on my chair. Soon, the first of my students would be walking in, none noticing that I was naked. It was such a wicked thrill. My cock twitched and throbbed, thinking about the girls in my next class. Tessa Powers, the star of the girl's basketball team. Tall and athletic with gorgeous legs and a doll's face.Róis Ó Scolaidhe, the Irish girl with the fiery hair and that lilting, musical accent. I definitely liked redheads, and she had plump lips and tits that had to be as big as Becky's.Dotty Holmwood, another redhead with a darker hue like my wife. She had these bright, blue eyes and a hungry smile. Kizzy Landon was a sexy, Black girl. She had this light-chocolate skin, her hair long and dark, gathered in many small braids.Brenda Murphy was another redhead in this class. She had lovely breasts, nice and plump. This class was blessed with girls with fiery hair.I smiled, my dick growing harder and harder. I opened my phone, getting on the editing app. I hit VIEWING and went back to searching for people modified by the other user. There had to be someone who knew me. Who had figured out that I was editing people?Was it someone at my church?Anael hummed on a desk as I worked. I ate while I did, enjoying a sandwich my wife brought me from home. I wolfed it down with one hand, the other scrolling through people from my church. I didn't see any evidence of tampering.Who was this other person?“Here they come,” Anael said right before the door opened.The first student who entered was Vin, a guy who dressed like a punk-rocker outside of classes, his hair dyed a hue of black so dark it was clearly artificial. He had a wallet chain rattling as he walked, spiked bracelets on his wrists. He looked like trouble, but he was one of my best students. He had a poet's soul.“Mr. Davies,” he said, not realizing I was naked.I nodded back.Then Brenda entered. The redhead grabbed her sweater vest's hem the moment she dropped of her book bag. Vin sat two seats away and didn't even bat an eye as the busty girl stripped off her clothing. She was smiling, her freckled cheeks dimpled. She looked so cute.“Hi, Mr. Davies,” she said as she worked off her buttons. “Isn't it a great day? The Lord has blessed us.”“Yes, he has,” I said, watching as she slipped off her blouse, her large breasts constrained in a virgin-white bra. She unclasped it and shrugged the straps off her shoulders. She bared her breasts without any hint of self-modesty, her nipples soft and dark-red her areolas large. “You're definitely blessed. Look at those breasts.”“Oh, I guess,” she said. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Her nipples hardened. “I guess they are. Do you like them, Mr. Davies.”“Yeah,” I groaned. “Like my wife's.”She blushed, her dimpled cheeks growing scarlet.She released her breasts. They jiggled as she unzipped her skirt. My dick was rock hard. Anael smirked nearby. I closed the app, the angel fading away, though she would still be watching. Brenda dropped her skirt, her panties schoolgirl white, plain and yet enticing.She pushed those down, revealing her red bush. More students were entering, the girls stripping, but I just couldn't look away from the sight of Brenda. Redheads were truly my weakness. I bet if I looked into my past, I could find out why I had a thing for them. They were just so exciting. My dick twitched and throbbed, my balls aching.Brenda folded up her panties and set them down with the rest of her clothing on her desk. “Brenda,” I said, knowing my students would be taught by aura pervading the room, learning the lesson I would be teaching if I wasn't having my fun. “Want to come sit on my lap?”She shuddered, her flush spreading down her neck, the tips of her ears becoming as bright as her hair. “You want to... to take my virginity.”“Don't you want to let me?” I asked her, my dick twitching, throbbing.She nodded her head, her body shaking. She licked her lips. “Very much, Mr. Davies.”The twenty-year-old girl padded to me, her bare feet slapping on the floor. She passed Kizzy freeing her round breasts, the Black girl's left nipple pierced by a silver arrow with a heart at the tip, the metal standing out against her dark skin. Kizzy just smiled at Brenda,好大好湿好硬顶到了好爽 not saying anything.Brenda rounded my desk, her breasts swaying. They were pillowy and soft. She reached me and paused. She rubbed her arm, her hips wiggling back and forth. Her large tits had such a delicious jiggle to them, but I frowned at the look on her face.“What's wrong?” I asked. “It's just... I don't really know how to do this,” she said. She bit her lip. “I don't want to mess this up.”“Okay,” I said, grabbing her hand. I pulled her towards me, my other hand holding my dick. “Just come sit down on me. I'll make sure it slides in.”She smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Davies. You're such a handsome man. Is it wrong that I've masturbated to you?”“Of course not,” I said, smiling as my thumb rubbed against the back of her hand. I pulled her down onto my lap.She gasped, her breasts bouncing before my face, her legs sliding around mine. The chair creaked as she shifted. I grabbed her ass with one hand, pulling her towards me. She shuddered as it brought her pussy into contact with my dick, her fiery bush caressing the tip of my cock. She whimpered, biting her lower lip.I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy, her juices spilling down my cock. She was wet and ready, eager for this. Her green eyes burned bright as her hands grabbed my shoulders. A smile played on her lips.“Mr. Davies,” she moaned. “I'm really going to lose my virginity to you.”“Just sit down,” I told her. “Go as slow or as fast as you want. It might hurt at first, but it will be amazing.”“Okay,” she said. She drew in a deep breath, her large breasts swaying before me.I pressed my face between her tits. I breathed in the scent of her. This sexy, twenty-year-old beauty whimpered as I rubbed back and forth between her tits. Her fingers squeezed into my shoulders while the other students went to work, turning their textbooks to the right page as they learned without me.My hands clenched on Brenda's rump as she whimpered. She shuddered, wiggling her hips. She pressed her weight down on my cock. Her pussy lips parted around the tip. I felt her hymen, that stretchy barrier. She shifted her hips, her juices hot, the room's aura turning her on so much she was eager for this.Her hymen stretched. She let out a cute whimper then gasped.Her cherry popped.That hot, tight, virginal pussy wrapped around my cock. My college student moaned as I opened up her twat. She groaned, low and throaty. Her fingernails bit into my shoulders. She gripped me, hugged me tight. She shook back and forth, her body shaking from side to side. Her hips stirred her snatch around my cock. She teased me. Loved me.It was an incredible treat.“Mr. Davies!” she moaned, squeezing her deflowered pussy around my cock. “Oh, wow, Mr. Davies. It did hurt, but just for a moment. And it wasn't that bad. Like a pinch and... and... Wow, you're so deep in me.”“Uh-huh,” I groaned into the pillowy softness of her breasts. “I'm glad you love it.”“I do,” she groaned. Her pussy clenched around me. She raised her hips, her tight sheath sliding up my cock. “Ooh, that's nice. That's really, really nice.”I smiled, glad she loved it.Her hips danced from side to side. Then she slammed herself down my cock. That wonderful grip held me. I groaned, loving it. This wonderful delight surged through me. She slid back up me, gasping, moaning, her big breasts rubbing into the side of my face.I gripped her ass. I squeezed and kneaded her as she rode me. Her passion rippled around me. Her delicious pussy massaged me. I growled into her tits. This pleasure swelled through me. Her rump flexed beneath my hands as she gasped out her enjoyment.“Oh, Mr. Davies!” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes! This is incredible. Your cock... Your cock is in me! I'm riding you! We're having sex! Oh, Lord, this is wonderful!”I sucked on the inner flesh of her boobs, reveling in her deflowered pussy sliding up and down my cock. I kissed up her breast to find her fat, dark-red nipple. I engulfed her nub. Her pussy clamped down on my dick. She massaged me as she worked her snatch faster and faster. She massaged me. She pleased me.This was incredible.My balls grew hotter and hotter, enjoying her virgin, coed flesh sliding up and down my cock. My chair creaked as she rode me. I loved her moans and gasps as her face flashed with pleasure. Her arms slid around my neck, holding me.“Mr. Davies!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes. This is amazing. Your cock... Shit, your cock is huge. You're filling my pussy. You're making me feel so naughty. Oh, yes, yes!”I sucked hard on her nipple, growling in response.My balls swelled with the pressure. Her juices ran down my shaft, bathing them. Her sweet pussy juices filled my nose. This wonderful musk, this delicious ambrosia, was such a delight to enjoy. I groaned, my heart hammering with the passion she stirred in me.She worked that tight snatch up and down my cock. Her pussy gripped me. The silky friction massaged the tip of my cock. I growled around her nub. I shuddered. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me. This heat burned across the tip of my dick. I sucked hard on her nipple. I nibbled on it. Played with it. She gasped and groaned. Her arms tightened around my neck. Her moans echoed through the classroom, rising over the pages turning, the students learning.“Yes, yes, Mr. Davies!” Brenda gasped over and over, her deflowered snatch massaging my cock. “Something's building. That delicious feeling I get when I touch myself. It's so strong. I'm going to really cum! I'm going to explode on your dick!”I popped my nipple off her nub and growled, “Yes! Don't hold back. Not in here. In my classroom, you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.”“I can!” she moaned and slammed her pussy down my cock.Her juicy cunt writhed around my cock. I groaned as the silky massage. She gasped and moaned, her breasts rubbing in my face as she hugged me tight. She held me to her boobs as her moans echoed through the classroom. Her pussy's spasms caressed my dick. Every inch of me was buried in her, experiencing the power of her climax. Her juices bathed my balls, soaking them with her sweet passion. The schoolgirl whimpered and moaned.“Mr. Davies!” she gasped. “Oh, Lord and the saints above, Mr. Davies!”I didn't fight it.“Brenda!” I growled, my fingers digging into her plump rump.My cum boiled out of my balls. Hot jizz fired out of my dick. It flooded her cunt. This pleasure rushed through me with each eruption. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision. That wonderful, addictive rush of ecstasy slammed into my mind.“Fuck, yes!” I snarled, her schoolgirl cunt milking my balls dry. Her pussy worked around my erupting cock. “Brenda, take it!”“You're cumming in me!” she moaned, pressing against me. “Oh, Mr. Davies, yes!”I grunted and groaned, holding her to me. She panted and shuddered as we came down from our orgasmic highs. My body trembled from it. My dick twitched hard in her juicy pussy. She whimpered, her face pressing into my neck, her boobs rubbing on my face.“Mr. Davies,” she moaned. “Yeah?” I panted.“You're still hard.” She shifted her pussy. “Do you want me to keep riding you?”“Yes,” I groaned.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Linda Davies“Preliminary results are in for the emergency election of Rainier's new mayor, and Steve Davies is taking a lead. Enough results are in for the election board to call it in his favor with only fifty-two percent of ballots counted,” I read from the afternoon Rainier Times paper, clutching it in my hands.Steve shifted as he backed his car out of the parking spot, the school day over.“So, Mr. Mayor,” I purred, my pussy on fire, “just what are you going to do when you take power?”“I have no idea,” he said. “I don't know why I'm in this position. What does this other...?”“Editor?” I suggested.“What does this other editor wants. Why me? What do they gain? I've gone through all my students. It's none of the guys. Not Matthew, Brian, Myles, Liddell, Vin, Stefan, Rick, Mitch, Carson, Brent, Kyle, Mark, Tony. There are still hundreds of students for me to check, but I went through every guy I taught. Every girl. None of the hot ones are being influenced. None of the professors. I didn't see anything at church.”“Someone in the neighborhood?” I suggested. “Maybe Mr. Clancy. He likes you.”My husband snorted. “He just likes yammering to anyone polite enough to listen.” The old man could talk your ear off, calling at you from his front porch where he often relaxed. “I doubt it's him.”“Well, you have this opportunity, so make the best of it.” I smiled at me. “Be the best-darned mayor ever.”He grinned back at me and grabbed my thigh through my scrub, sending a naughty tingle up to my pussy.“So what are our kids up to?” I asked, my voice breathy and husky. “James has chess club,” he said. “And Becky has a study session with her professor.”“Mmm, I know she's going to absorb so much intimate knowledge.” My daughter was turning into me. I was so proud of her for seducing her first professor, even if my husband provided a bit of help with his app.“Sam's hanging out with her friends.” Steve gave my thigh another squeeze. “Just me and you.”“Want me to call up Evaline?” I shivered, my pussy clenching. “She's dying for another taste of my pussy. You could slide in and fuck her cunt now that you fixed her little crush problem.”My husband gave me such a hungry grin. I shuddered, so glad we would have fun. I had to start thinking of ways Steve could improve things. Helpful suggestions for Rainier.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Becky DaviesI squirmed on my professor's bed, Ms. Esmeralda's dark hands sliding up my right thigh. Our lesson was off to a fast start. She didn't waste any time getting Tonya and me upstairs and naked. Not that I was complaining. Ms. Esmeralda's dark hands stroked my thighs, her eyes bright as she leaned her head in.“Ooh, yes, that's it,” I moaned. “Don't be afraid. My pussy won't bite.”“I've never done this before,” my professor whimpered. “It's okay,” I told her, flicking my eyes up her body then my gaze darted over to Tonya kneeling behind the professor. My blonde friend was trembling, too, her blue eyes glossy. Her pale hands grabbed our professor's rump. “Just do what Tonya does. She'll teach you and you can practice on me.”“I'm supposed to be teaching you,” Ms. Esmeralda moaned as her head lowered closer and closer to my pussy.“You're never too old to be a student,” purred, seizing the professor's dyed-red hair. My friend's head vanished behind the professor's rump.Ms. Esmeralda gasped, Tonya up to something naughty, while I guided her head to my pussy. My sexy, Black professor pressed her face into my snatch. Her tongue flicked through my pussy, caressing me. I shuddered at the fluttering touch, my toes curling. She had her motherly face pressed into my pussy.She should be a mother. I whimpered as Ms. Esmeralda took her second lick of my pussy. Her second taste of cunt. I shivered. This was the thrill my mother got every time she seduced a straight woman into bisexual delights. I was becoming Mom. I loved it.“Oh, yes, just like that,” I moaned. “Just copy Tonya. She's loving your pussy, isn't she?”“Uh-huh,” moaned the professor. She took another lick of my juicy snatch.“She tastes so good, Becky,” moaned Tonya, the crown of her head peeking over the top of the professor's rump. Ms. Esmeralda knelt between my thighs, her curvy ass thrust up into the air.Ms. Esmeralda moaned, her tongue fluttering through my folds. I knew my friend was teasing the motherly professor. I shuddered, Daddy's advice playing in my mind as the sexy professor feasted on me. Her tongue probed into my snatch, caressing my inner walls and sending pleasure flooding through me.I groaned, my fingers tightening in her red hair. It wasn't a bright red, but a muted color, verging on brown. It was such a contrast to her darker skin. Her eyes peered up at me over my auburn bush. Her tongue fluttered around inside of me.“Oh, yes, Mommy,” I moaned.Ms. Esmeralda froze for a moment.“No, no, don't stop licking me, Mommy!” I groaned. “Get that tongue back in me.”Ms. Esmeralda thrust her tongue into my pussy. She swirled it around in me. This wicked heat shot through me. My fingers clenched and unclenched in her hair. Her tongue caressed me, teased me. Pleasure fluttered through my body. She moaned into my snatch. Tonya's head moved, her pale fingers clenching into our professor's dark rump. Ms. Esmeralda's passion swelled and swelled. She licked through my snatch with hunger. She teased me. My toes curled. My heart thundered in my chest.“Ooh, yes, yes, just like that,” I moaned. My head tossed back and forth. “Oh, Mommy, yes, yes, lick my pussy. Ooh, you're such a sexy mommy. Get that tongue in me. Lick me up.”“Yes,” Ms. Esmeralda moaned. Her tongue flicked up to my clit.“Oh, Mommy, suck my little clitty!” I moaned, sounding even more girlish than usual. I couldn't help myself. My big boobs jiggled as I squirmed on the bed.Ms. Esmeralda latched onto my clit.I gasped and bucked as she sucked. “Thank you, Mommy! I'm going to cum so hard!”Ms. Esmeralda moaned around my clit. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing as she loved my bud. I squirmed on the bed, humping against her. This pleasure tingled through my pussy then surged through me. Such a wonderful delight.My orgasm built so fast as I humped against my sexy professor's mouth. She kept her lips latched onto my clit while her fingers slid up my thigh. I heard wet plunging, the sound of fingers diving into a juicy cunt, and new Tonya was teaching Ms. Esmeralda a new technique.One the professor was eager to apply on me.“Mommy, yes!” I squealed in my breathy, girlish voice. Two digits plunged into my cunt. My flesh clamped down on them. “Ooh, that's good, Mommy. Finger your daughter's pussy and suck on her clit.”Tonya's head popped up, her eyes wide. I winked at her. The I moaned at the professor, “Keep licking me and fingering me, Mommy!”Tonya returned to licking our professor's snatch while Ms. Esmeralda's plunged her fingers fast in and out of my cunt. My flesh clenched down on her digits, welcoming them into my depths. It was an incredible treat. I gripped the bedspread, gasping, moaning. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Her fingers churned me up while her tongue fluttered around my folds. The bed creaked as I shuddered. Our afternoon study lesson was going amazing.I savored it. My pussy clenched as I humped against her. The bed creaked as she whimpered. Tonya's head moved as she feasted, bobbing above the dark swell of our professor's rump. This was so hot. I was so glad Tonya was here.I needed to introduce her to my daddy. To her mother. Tonya and I needed to do so many naughty things together. I humped against my professor's mouth. My orgasm swelled. I grabbed my soft tits, squeezing them.“Mommy!” I gasped. “You're going to make your daughter cum! Ooh, I know this is wrong, but it's incredible! Yes, yes, Mommy!”My naughty roleplay swelled my orgasm almost as fast as the tongue drumming against my clit. Sparks flared in my pussy, my cunt squeezing around those churning fingers. I trembled, squirming, gasping.Such wonderful rapture built and built in me.This was an incredible delight. My breasts heaved. I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. This was an amazing passion. My pussy squeezed about her fingers. The friction transformed into rapture.“Mommy, yes!” I gasped. “You're going to make your daughter cum! Such a naughty mommy and... and... Yes, yes, yes!”I howled out as my orgasm surged through me. I bathed Ms. Esmeralda's face with my cum. Her fingers plunged into my convulsing snatch. Juices gushed out of me. She licked them up. I thrashed on the bed, stars bursting before my eyes.“So good, Mommy!” I whimpered, the waves of bliss washing out of my pussy. “You're amazing, Mommy!”Ms. Esmeralda groaned into my snatch. While I rode my pleasure to the heights of ecstasy, she squealed in delight. She whimpered and groaned, her hips wiggling and shuddered. I knew she was cumming on Tonya's fingers and tongue. The sexy professor moaned into my pussy, adding to the delight.“Yes, yes, you're other daughter made you cum, Mommy!” I moaned.Tonya's head popped up, her blue eyes wild. She mouthed “Mommy” with lips dripping with pussy juices. I shuddered as my orgasm peaked, winking at her and then shuddering in delight. My orgasm slowed while Ms. Esmeralda lapped at my snatch.“Oh, my,” the professor panted, raising her head after a minute. We were all coming down from our delights. “I'm thirsty. You girls thirsty? I have some Gatorade. Whew, that was... I mean...”It was clear she needed a minute after having sex with her students. “Of course. I need something. Then it's back to studying, Mommy.”The motherly professor shuddered, my pussy cream dripping down her dark chin. She crawled off the bed and left, her rump swaying. Tonya scampered up the bed and pressed her slender body against mine, the scent of Ms. Esmeralda's spicy pussy wreathing the air.“Mommy?” she asked. “What was that?”“Wasn't it hot?” I asked her. I seized her platinum-blonde hair and pulled her down to my nipple. “Mmm, it was so hot pretending that was my mother. Haven't you ever imagined doing things with your mom?” I know I had imagined Tonya doing things with her mother. Mrs. Alberts was delicious.“No,” my friend said. “That's wrong.”“It's just a fantasy,” I told her, guiding her lips to my nipple. “Now, why don't you suckle on Mommy's nipple. Mmm, you know you want to, baby girl.”My friend shuddered, her eyes widening. Then she groaned and suckled at my tit, my pussy clenching. I stroked her hair and smiled. Daddy was right. I just had to lead Tonya along this path. I just had to turn fantasy into reality.Then she would learn the delights of having sex with her mother, too.To be continued...



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