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quite suddenlyav无码亚洲一区二区三区

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quite suddenlyav无码亚洲一区二区三区

PART 3:ESCALATIONIt was Sunday morning and Amanda sat across from me in my living room.“She jerked you off?”“Look, I’m not trying to upset you.I just don’t want to lie to you about anything.”“No, I’m not upset.Just surprised.” She said.“I thought she wasn’t supposed to touch you because that would be considered ‘cheating’ on her boyfriend.”“Well, you did ask…You said you wanted to keep things casual right?” I asked.“Yeah, but I didn’t know some other girl was gonna jack you off after we went on a date!” She sneered.“I didn’t plan it.She just showed up.” I stated.I was so happy.As long as I was being honest, I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of.Sure, maybe I was being a bit manipulative, but I wasn’t lying to anyone.“Look…I have a job interview, but I’ll be back in an hour or two.Do you wanna hang out later today?”I couldn’t believe she still wanted to hang out after that.Women are so competitive...“Sure, but I’m kinda broke right now.” I said.“Do you wanna just come over and watch a movie or something?”“Sure.” She said as she left.I didn’t get any texts from Renee all day.I was wondering if she felt guilty about the night before.A couple of hours later Amanda showed up wearing wind shorts and a volleyball Tee.She looked sporty and cute.“Did you pick out a movie?”We settled into the couch with some popcorn and sodas.We were watching ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.’Right as the movie began, she turned to me and very seriously asked “Is that girl gonna show up here tonight?”“I have no idea.” I smiled.She just turned to the TV.“And what will we do if she does?”“I’ll tell her that you’re here and she’ll probably just go away.”“This is so weird.” She sighed.We made it about half way thru the movie before we gave way to our physical desires.Before long, I was on top of her and we were kissing heatedly.I slid my hand up her stomach and rested my palm over her small firm breast outside of her shirt.She showed no desire for me to stop, so I began to gently squeeze it.She moaned into my mouth.I took it as a good sign and decided to move my knee up between her thighs.I slowly applied pressure and was soon grinding my thigh against her pussy thru her wind shorts.She was still moaning at everything I was doing so I decided to slip my hand under her shirt and then push up the sports bra she was wearing underneath.I began to roll her soft nipple between my finger and thumb and she moaned more.I then felt her hand slide down my stomach and rest over my crotch.I pulled her shirt up exposing her pale breasts.They were not as amazing as Renee’s, but were still very nice.I leaned down and drew her small pink nipple into my mouth and sucked on it hard.She continued to moan as I felt her hand slip inside of the waist band of my shorts.I bit her nipple as her exploring fingers found my cock and wrapped around it.She was stroking me long and slow and I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts for her.Now her hand was free to glide up and down with ease.All was going well, so I then reached down between her thighs and pulled the crotch of her wind shorts over to the side.I slid my fingertips under the elastic of her panties and pulled them aside as well.When I placed my fingers on her exposed cunt, I found it swollen and dripping wet!That turned me on a great deal.She was clearly into everything that was happening, so I slid down the couch and out from between her legs.I then grabbed the waistband of her shorts and yanked them down along with her panties.She eagerly lifted up off the couch to help me slide them off.Before I could even get them off of her legs, she had leaned up and ripped off her shirt and sports bra, dropping them both on the floor, leaving herself completely naked.I followed suit and yanked off my shirt.Her icy blue eyes were burning with lust as I dropped forward and wrapped my lips around her gushing cunt.She moaned again as I slid my tongue rapidly across her clit.Her thighs clenched around my head and I was squeezing one of her breasts in each hand as I dug into her mound with my tongue.I had been taught well.In just a couple of minutes I felt her body tense up and she let out a primal scream as her juices gushed over my tongue.I waited for the bucking to subside and slowed my movements to a gentle lapping.She lay perfectly still staring up at the ceiling.I finally rose up to look her in the eyes.She leaned up and kissed me on the mouth, despite the fact that it was glistening with her juices.“You are a fucking god!” she moaned.I rose up to my knees, letting my open shorts fall around my knees.My cock was sticking straight out.“Just give me a second.” She sighed.She then got up and went straight into the bathroom.I was surprised to hear the shower head hum to life.I walked into the bathroom naked and found that she had gotten into the shower.“What are you doing?” I asked through the curtain.“Sorry.” She said.“I don’t mean to be weird.I just needed to have warm water rushing over me after that.”There was a pause.“Did you take classes in that or something?That was fucking amazing.”“I read a lot of books.” I said as I pulled the shower curtain open to have a better look at her.“She looked at me and smiled.“What book was that in?”“I don’t remember.” I said as I leaned against the sink and began to lightly stroke my cock where she could see.She looked down at it.“Oh my god.” She smiled.I watched as the water cascaded over her tight muscular body.Amanda was a runner and it showed.She was toned and firm everywhere that mattered.Her breasts were probably a small C-cup.Her ass was muscular and firm.It was the first time that I saw her naked body in all its glory and I was very pleased with how she looked.She finally turned off the water and I handed her a towel.She off a bit and then stepped out of the shower.She didn’t say anything.She just smiled as she grabbed my cock and pulled me toward the door.She led me back to the couch in the living room and sat me down.She then climbed onto the couch next to me on her knees and kissed me once as she gently stroked my cock.Then, quite suddenly, she pulled away and lowered her head in my lap.There was no licking or nibbling.She immediately took my ENTIRE cock all the way into her mouth.It was wet and warm and it felt amazing!She continued to deep throat me and I was amazed each time I watched her lips start at the head of my shaft and go all the way down until her lips were touching my balls.“Holy shit.” I moaned.Once my cock was soaking wet, she kept the head in her warm mouth and began to slide her fist up and down the shaft.She worked it slowly but her grip was firm and very tight.Any time it began to feel dry she would go all the way down and coat it with spit.During all this, I could feel her tongue swirling around the tip as she delicately stroked me.The sensation was incredible and I couldn’t help but say “It looks like you read a lot of books too.”She actually laughed a little.Something about the way a pretty girl looks when she smiles while she’s got your cock in her mouth just makes you crazy…She worked me like that for what felt like twenty minutes.She didn’t stop.She didn’t even take a break.At first, I kept thinking that there was no way that I could cum from what she was doing.Don’t get me wrong.It felt amazing, but I just couldn’t believe it.After about twenty minutes though, I felt a deep intense orgasm beginning to build up in me.My legs began to shake and I felt my load coming.I moaned aloud and at that moment Amanda quickened her pace.Before I knew it, my fingers were clawing the couch cushion and I was sending my hot load down her throat.She then went all the way down again and I had no doubt that I was literally pouring my cum down the back of her throat.I took her to my bed and we fell asleep, both naked and deeply satisfied.I woke up at 2:30am to the sound of my phone chiming.I picked it up and saw that I had a new text.Then I heard the door downstairs being knocked on.I looked at the phone again.RENEE:Come let me in.Want to play with you.Amanda rolled over with her eyes squinted.“What’s going on?”“Renee’s here.” I said as I sat up on the edge of the bed.“Shit.” She sighed.“Can’t you just ignore her?” I stood up and put on a pair of flannel pajama pants.“I’ll just be a minute.”I flipped on the porch light and saw Renee standing there.I could tell she was drunk again.I opened the door and she immediately threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deep and hard.She leaned back, smiling and said “I want to play with you again.”I grabbed her by the arms and held her back to look her in the eye.“Not tonight.”She reached out and placed her hand over my cock and gripped it thru my thin pants.“Don’t you want me to make you cum again?” she asked, licking her lips.Things were starting to get complicated.The truth had gotten me this far.No point stopping now.“Amanda’s here.” I said.Renee didn’t say another word.I watched her face change into a hurt pout.She stepped back and looked at me like a beaten dog, turned on her heel and walked away.I woke up the next morning to the sound of the alarm clock.Amanda was naked and sleeping next to me.I got dressed and kissed her goodbye and was off to work.I was wondering if I would ever see Renee again.A little after lunch, I got my answer.My phone chimed.RENEE:Can I come over when you get off work?I thought for a moment.Why not?I had no obligation to Amanda and if anything, I owed Renee an audience.ME:Sure.I drove home with a mix of eagerness and dread.I had no idea what to expect.When I arrived home, Renee was sitting in her car outside.When I got out of my car, she exited hers and hurriedly followed me inside.She locked the door behind her as I headed up the stairs.“I’m sorry about last night.” I said.“I hadn’t heard from you and I didn’t know you were coming over.Why did you lock the door just now?” I asked.“Because I don’t want Amanda coming in while I’m here.” She replied.She was trying to act cool, but there was a hint of bitterness in her tone.“She won’t.” I said.“I told her you were coming over.”“So, she knows all about us and all the stuff that we do together?” she asked with her arms crossed.“Yes.And you know all about her.” I said.“And she spent the night last night?”“Yes.”“And she knows that I’m here and she’s okay with me coming over?”She was confused.“She’s not my girlfriend Renee.She doesn’t have cause to feel anything about it.” I said.“Did you have sex with her?” she asked.“Not yet.” I answered.“Not yet?” she asked, her anger showing.“As though you’re going to?”“Are you jealous?” I asked.She said nothing.“Look Renee, if you’re not comfortable with any of this, you don’t have to stick around.It’s not like I’m cheating on you.You have a boyfriend for fuck’s sake!” I yelled.Maybe I was a little frustrated too.She unfolded her arms.She knew that I was right and gradually she accepted it.She finally looked up at me.“You swear you didn’t have sex with her?”“Not that it’s any of your business,国产精品偷伦视频免费观看了 but fine.I swear I did not have sex with her.” I said turning away and walking into my bedroom.Just as I had hoped, she followed me.I stood in front of the closet and took off my shirt.“So what happened if you didn’t have sex?” she asked.I turned to face her and unfastened my belt.“We watched a movie.”“That’s it?” she asked with relief in her voice.It was short lived.“No.Then we started kissing again.” I unbuttoned my pants.“Then what?”Her eyes trailed down as I unzipped my fly.“I took off all of her clothes and went down on her.” I pulled my pants down and grabbed a hanger to put them on.“And?” she cleared her throat as she looked down at the bulge in my boxer briefs.“And, I watched her take a shower and then she gave me a blowjob.”It was timed perfectly.Just as I finished saying it I pulled off my boxer briefs and unfolded some cotton running shorts.I caught her looking at my cock before I slipped on the shorts.I had been running for about six months so I was in pretty decent shape at the time.Renee was silent for a while.I walked past her and headed to the fridge.Again, she followed me.“Did you cum?” she asked.I leaned into the fridge and grabbed two beers, leaned back against the counter and handed her one.“Yes.”She took a sip of beer and stood thinking for a moment.I was beginning to get agitated.Renee had a boyfriend and here I was explaining my actions to her.I looked at her hard.“Anything else?”I was surprised by the next thing she said.“In her mouth?”“Yes.” I sighed.She looked at me sharply.“Did she swallow?”“Yes Renee.She swallowed.” I said.There was a long silence before Renee finally asked “How long did it take?”“What?” I asked as I sipped my brew.“For her to make you cum?”“I don’t know, like twenty minutes or something?” I said, wiping my chin with my forearm.Renee snorted “Oh my God.I could make ANY guy cum way faster than that.”I took another swig of beer.She was beginning to really annoy me.“Yeah?Well maybe I’ll meet Henry some day and he can tell me all about it.” I said walking past her again.I sat down on the couch in the living room and turned on the TV.A moment later, Renee walked into the room and set her beer on the coffee table.I couldn’t believe what happened next.Renee stood in front of the TV and pulled her tee shirt over her head.She stood staring at me as she reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them over her hips.She then reached behind her back and unclasped her bra.It fell off of her shoulders down to her feet and she stood like a goddess in just a small pair of canary yellow panties.Her breasts (along with the rest of her body) were absolutely breathtaking.She had my undivided attention.“Take off your shorts.” She smiled. I was enjoying the game.“Why?”She began to slowly walk toward me saying “Because…I want you to put your big fat cock in my mouth.” She smiled.I immediately started getting hard.She stopped in front of me and just stood and let me admire her perfect form.Her flawless skin.She truly was amazing to look at.She then dropped down to her knees and placed her palms on my thighs.She slid them up my legs, bending forward and letting her perfect breasts hang down and glide up my knees as she did.Her slender fingers reached the top of my shorts and hooked into the elastic band.Then she slowly leaned back and sensually dragged the front of my shorts down, staring me in the eye as she did.My half erect cock sprung out as the elastic band popped down.I lifted my ass off of the couch and she slid my shorts down all the way to my ankles.I felt her warm skin push against my shins.Her breasts rest against my knees and she lowered her head just inches from my cock.She wasn’t even looking at me anymore.She was just staring at my dick.I was so turned on, it was insane.“How bad do you want to feel my lips wrap around your cock right now?” she asked“Pretty badly.” I moaned.“I’ll bet you can’t wait.” She smiled and licked her lips.Her demeanor had completely changed in a matter of seconds.She had gone from a pouty little girl to a capable sex goddess.She slid her hand up my thigh again and slipped her fingers under my cock and then pulled it up toward her lips.The tip was less than an inch away from her mouth.“I bet you’re already thinking about cumming in my mouth.”I was.“Is that what you want?” she asked as she leaned forward slightly further.She started to rub the tip of my cock on her lips in circles like she was applying lipstick.“Or, would you rather cum on my face?”She had gotten me as hard as a rock.I was so hard that my skin hurt.“Or do you want to cum on my tits?”I stared down at her and was completely dumbfounded.She hadn’t even started yet and I was already about to cum.It was crazy.“Well?”she waited.All I could do was moan.“Where are you gonna put that cum big boy?”She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of my shaft.It sent a jolt of electricity up my spine.Finally I moaned “I want to cum all over your face.”“Yeah?” she squeezed my cock with her hand.“You wanna cum all over my face huh?”“Oh, fuck yes!” I moaned.She had started jerking my cock.“You want me to suck this big fucking cock and then make you cum all over my face?”“Please!”I couldn’t believe she had gotten me to beg!Just moments earlier I was getting ready to just tell her to fuck off, and here I was begging!With that, she pulled my cock deep into her wet mouth and started violently jerking and slurping it.She worked fast and she clearly knew what she was doing.As she sucked me off, she used one hand to cup my balls and the other to massage my taint.The feeling was incredible.I wish I could say I proved her wrong, but I couldn’t.Not even five minutes into it I felt my orgasm racing toward me.“Oh fuck!Oh FUCK!I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!I’m gonna fuckin cum!”Without missing a stroke, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to my feet.She then knelt down in front of me, gripped my wet cock with a tight fist and tilted her head back.She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.“That’s it baby!Cum all over my fucking face just like you promised me!Give me that fucking cum!”I screamed out loud as my first jet of cum fired across her cheek up onto her forehead.“Give me a fucking facial!”The second burst hit her mouth and splashed up on her upper lip.“Cum for me!”The third hit her chin and dribbled down her neck.“Yeah!Give it to me!”The last bit oozed out down my shaft and melted over her fist.My body went slack and I fell back into the couch.She sat on her knees for a moment just smiling at me.Finally, she said “See?Told you.”She took her fingers and wiped my cum off of her face and then smeared it on her perfect tits.Then she began to massage it in.As she rubbed it into her tits, she put on her little pouty girl voice again and said “Oh poop.Look at me.”She rose to her feet and pulled her hair back from her face.“I’m all dirty now.”Then she slipped her fingertips into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down around her hips.She stood in front of me completely nude with my cum all over her face and tits.She had just leaped ahead in the game.She then stepped out of her panties and walked into the bathroom calling over her shoulder “Are you coming?”She checked the temperature of the water and then pulled me into the shower with her and we started making out heatedly.Her wet naked body felt amazing against mine.She licked my lips and said “Can you help me get all this cum off me?”I grabbed the soap and spent a good five minutes washing her perfect body.My soapy hands slid over her amazing figure and I was soon hard again.She looked down at my hard on and said “Uh oh.Now what are we going to do about that?”I couldn’t wait to find out.“Do you want to cum on me again?” she asked.I did.“Do you want to do it, or do you want me to do it for you?”Holy shit.I couldn’t believe how far this was all going.Just a few days earlier, we couldn’t even touch each other.Finally, I told her I wanted her to finger herself and I would handle myself.Her eyes lit up and she playfully sat on the edge of the tub and spread her thighs.She wet her fingers in her mouth and slid them down to where her legs met.I stared at her beautiful pussy for the first time as she spread her lips with her index and ring finger.She then gently started massaging her clit.I was standing in front of her again and I started jerking my cock in her face.“You like my little pussy?” she asked.“I bet you wanna stick that big fat cock in there.I bet you wish you were fucking me right now.”“I want to fuck you so bad.” I moaned.I was beginning to actually think she might let me.“Are you gonna cum again for me?” she asked as she fingered her clit.“Yeah.” I moaned as I jerked my wet cock.“Where are you gonna put it this time baby?” she asked.“Are you gonna cum all over my face again?Do you want to shoot it all over my perfect tits?”She knew how hot she was.Her lack of humility actually turned me on.I was falling in love.“Ooh!I know!”She moaned.She was actually getting herself off too.“Oh fuck…Do you wanna cum on my ass?”“Oh, fuck yeah!” I moaned.“Yeah?You tell me when you’re gonna cum baby.Tell me when it’s coming and I‘ll turn around and you can cum on my ass baby!”I was already getting close.“Just say when… Oh fuck…Say when and I’ll bend over and pull my pretty little ass cheeks apart…Oh!Oh Fuck!...and then I want you to shoot that cum right on my little pink asshole!”She was cumming hard and I was damn close.She shouted a wild number of profanities as her body quivered and shook.Just then I felt my turn coming.“OH, FUCK ME!I’m cumming baby I’m gonna fucking cum again!”She rolled to the side and stuck her ass up in the air.Then she pushed her breasts against the wall and gripped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.“Cum on my asshole!Shoot that cum on my little pink asshole!”I really wanted to, too.I got so close to her that my cock actually bumped her sphincter.She moaned like a wild whore as I shot a glob of goo right onto her tight little butthole.I shot three more bulls eye’s and huffed as I watched my cum drip down her ass crack and over her beautiful pussy. She turned around and squeezed my cock and kissed me hard.“How was that?” she smiled.“Fucking amazing!” I shouted.She reached over and picked up the bar of soap and put it in my hand.“Good…Now, there’s just one more thing I need you to do…”“Anything.” I said.I was her servent.She slipped her fingers up and down my soft cock and whispered in my ear.“Now I have all this sticky cum in my ass.Can you wash it for me?”This girl was amazing!I did wash her asshole and she seemed to really enjoy it, which made me imagine she would be into anal if we ever got that far.We got out of the shower and it was actually still light outside.She didn’t put her clothes back on.She went to the kitchen and dug around in the fridge.She handed me a beer and then made me a sandwich.We then watched a movie in the nude and then went to bed.She actually stayed the night!She was really going all out!I hate to admit it, but by the end of that night I was like “Amanda who?”NEXT:PART FOUR:THE TRUTH WILL GET YOU LAID

这种颓势似乎划上了一个短暂的休止符。6月10日,制作组DICE正式推出了《战地2042》第一赛季“行动时刻”(Zero Hour),接下来的几天里,游戏在线人数持续回升,仅在Steam平台,在线玩家峰值即从四位数回到了五位数,一度逼近15000人。


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